The only drama you want in life is your lashes, false eyelashes are the perfect way to add volume and glamour to almost every makeup look. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase a quality pair of falsies like FleekLashes then you’re more than likely going to want to get the most wear out of them as possible.

We have detailed 5 easy steps to ensure you get the most out of your false eyelashes. Keep your lashes on fleek x

Before we dive into the steps to prolong the life of your lashes – check out how to apply your false eyelashes!

Step 1: Take them off at the end of the day!

It’s been a long day but a good day thanks to your falsies! When you sleep your false eyelashes can easily get tangled and bent, that’s something nobody wants to take them off and place them in the tray they came in where they’ll be safe from any unwanted damage. Taking them off may be a little time consuming but it will help your lashes maintain their original shape.

Step 2: Use a remover to remove them.

It is recommended to always use a quality make up remover to take your falsies off, the remover will do as it says, remove the glue enabling you to easily remove your lashes without ripping off your actual eyelashes. Although it’s tempting (and much faster) to just rip them off it’s definitely worth the extra time when pulling them off it will put a lot of stress on your real eyelashes and may cause them to come out too; the last thing you want is to have no eyelashes! Use makeup remover girl!

Additionally, it will help to pick an oil-free remover to ensure the lash strip stays intact. Also, when removing them it is recommended to use your fingertips, tweezers may crimp your falsies which again is the last thing you want to happen.

Step 3: Quality! Quality! Quality!

So now you’ve seen lashes that cost £2, we know it’s extremely tempting but don’t buy into it! They’re 10/10 going to be fairly cheap quality false lashes. Cheaper quality false eyelashes wear out much faster than those of premium quality. FleekLashes are sourced and have been designed to have up to 20 wears, that’s a whole lot! Not to mention the realistic look FleekLashes have.

Step 4: Mascara? No thank you!

Quite often you may see beauty bloggers, popular youtubers mention that you should apply mascara to your falsies to aid you in getting that real look. However, this isn’t the case if your lashes are actually of high quality they should look real. Back to quality, we don’t recommend you buy cheaper lashes, after all you get what you pay for and even if your life isn’t perfect, your lashes should be!

FleekLashes’ falsies are already long enough and dark enough adding mascara will just wear them out quicker.

However, if mascara is a must for you, don’t worry; try not to use waterproof mascaras as they clump the hairs of your falsies together.

Step 5: Last but not least, clean your babies.

After every few uses, it is essential for you to clean your false lashes, by cleaning them you will essentially be removing any excess glue and/or eyeshadow that may be giving your lashes a clumpy look. The steps to clean your falsies are quite straight forward and simple:

  • Soak in lukewarm water
  • Using a Q-tip and eye makeup remover gently clean them

That’s it! Just 2 simple steps can get your falsies looking as good as new. Don’t forget to rinse, comb and then pat them dry before storing them away ready for their next use.

We know, we know; “do we have to clean them?” simple answer, no; however, if you want your falsies looking their best then we recommend you do to keep them looking good.

To conclude, these steps aren’t mandatory but are most definitely recommended to ensure your falsies are in tip-top condition. Our goal is to keep your bank account as full as your lashes. Shop our range of premium quality human & synthetic and mink false eyelashes today. Get your lashes on fleek today!

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