We all know that lash extensions and your favorite pair of falsies are set to do the same job – to provide you with volumized, glamorous long eyelashes. Many people believe they’re changeable. We have composed a little post that weighs in all the pros and cons giving you a brief idea of which may be more suitable for you. False Lashes vs Lash Extensions; below!


1. The Application Process

Your favorite set of falsies are nothing more than human and synthetic fibers put together on a strip, ultimately creating a false eyelash. The process of applying your false eyelashes is pretty simple, it will involve you applying false eyelash glue and gently placing the false eyelashes slightly above your real ones. This is a process you can learn over time and once you become a pro should only take anywhere between 3-10 minutes, not too bad hey?

However, lash extensions require a lot more to apply to your existing lashes. Only professionals can apply lash extensions meaning you will have to visit a beauty salon. It is a time consuming process, it takes roughly 1-2 hours. This process involves applying the lash extensions over your real eyelashes one by one. Furthermore, you will be able to remove the application of false eyelashes from your morning routine for some time as they will already look glamorous.

applying lash extensions FleekLashes


2. The Look

Lash extensions are often made of the highest quality materials such as mink and silk; giving your lashes a real look after application. They blend in with your real eyelashes. On the other hand, false lashes don’t have as much of an authentic look, FleekLashes, however, have been developed to not look stiff and fake when on giving them a real look. Not as real as lash extensions but as close as you can possibly get. Your falsies are attached above your eyelashes to 1 long strip making it easier to notice you’re wearing false eyelashes.


3. Maintenance

Lash extensions require a lot more care than your falsies; to have them fluttering for as long as they should it will involve you avoiding:

  • Cleansing and any products that contain oil
  • Cotton pads
  • Any standard eye makeup

You will have to use products that are friendly to your new fluffly lashes, products such as lash-friendly mascara. It is crucial for you to pay a visit to your professional every 2 or so weeks to maintain the volume in your lashes. Hard work? That’s not all of it. After the application process, it is essential to keep your new lash extensions as dry as possible for 2 days. This means you will have to cut any sweating activities; it also means you’ve got to wash your face with caution.

Too much? False eyelashes don’t require near as much maintenance as lash extensions. The only care they need is at the end of the day when they’re ready to be taken off and stored safely in their tray. We wrote a blog post on how to get the most out of your falsies that can be found here.


4. Weight

The weight is dependant on the look, it varies. Many false eyelashes are heavy, however,  FleekLashes have been designed to give a real look. They aren’t too heavy thus allowing your eyes to move naturally. Lash extensions are often lighter as they’re on a single small strip. As mentioned previously, the look you’re are willing to achieve will affect the weight. If you’re looking for volume your lashes will, of course, weigh more.

FleekLashes blog post on weight of false lashes

We can all agree that false eyelashes and lash extension have the same end achievement – to volumize and give you full beautiful looking lashes.  They achieve the end goal in different ways, as stated in the 4 factors above. Now we have given you an insight to how they are different you can get whats perfect for you!