Get Your Lashes On Fleek!

Fake eyelashes are the go-to makeup, they’re versatile, perfect for any occasion and can transform your look almost immediately.

Have you ever tried layering your falsies? No! I’m not crazy, layering your lashes is a thing. It transforms an everyday falsie to a dramatic fully volumized fake eyelash. In some cases, I will help you discover a new look and breathe new life into your existing favorites.

Layering lashes can be done by anyone but may require a little practice, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time.

To begin your lash layering process, take 2 pairs of lashes (any brand, our lashes are perfect for layering!). Ideally, you want to pick 2 lashes that will suit together to achieve the best end look. For example, picking 2 natural looking lashes and layering them will totally transform them. Who knows… they may become your new favorites.

Pick 2 different lashes, one of the pairs should be long in length and have enough space between each and every hair, and the other lash should be shorter and have fewer spaces between each hair. This will give the best outcome and will help you achieve a look that is beautiful.

Step 1:

Choose the base layer and apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive to the band. Try not to get the adhesive on the individual hairs.

How to layer up lashes

Step 2:

Carefully layer the smaller lash onto the larger lash band. Align them and firmly press together. You can use tweezers or even our trusty applicator to align them.

Step 3:

Let the lash adhesive dry, allow at least a minute. FleekLashes Glue takes no longer than 30 seconds.

Step 4:

Apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive on the layered lashes now. Keep this as tidy as you can, try not to get any glue on the lash hairs.

Step 5:

Curve the lashes (hold in a U shape) to fit the curvature of your eyes. Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. As long as you don’t end up with V shape or Flat lashes you’re doing it right.

Step 6:

The last step is to apply your gorgeous new creation and transform your look!



It really is as simple as that! Didn’t get it the first time? Don’t worry hun it even took us a few times to finally master it.

Just keep practicing and you’ll move from novice to pro in no time!

If you tried this short and simple guide tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see!

The possibilities are endless, want to layer up your lashes like Kim?

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