You’ve browsed our store and found the perfect lashes for you; the next day you receive your lashes and as you place time on your upper lash line you find out they’re too big. If this is the case do NOT panic, you don’t have to buy a pair that fits your lash line and most importantly you don’t have to proceed with applying them resulting in a strange look. We have you covered and in this post, you’ll learn exactly what to do if this is the case.

You’ve browsed, purchased and received your lashes now it’s time you cut them to size. There are various different reasons as to why you may have to trim your beautiful falsies, the main being a smaller eye size.

The first question to arise is how do I go about cutting the extra length off? It’s really as simple as it sounds, the only tools needed are your scissors and we recommend you use tweezers (makes the measuring how much to cut process much easier).

Step 1 – Measuring The Eyelash.

When cutting your falsies to size it is essential to use a brand new and clean eyelash. Begin by placing it upon your upper lash line by using a pair of tweezers. Sometimes you may not have tweezers on hand and so that’s where you can use your hands (only for this part of the process). You want your lashes to fit perfectly and you want absolute comfort. To do this you must place the false eyelash where your natural eyelash begins on the inner corner of your eye and then follow it through with the shape of your eye and allow the excess lash to hang off the outer corner of your eye.

Following out the process above you’ve kind of got the right size. Remember, a little over isn’t any harm and cutting less is better than cutting more because it enables you to get a more precise measurement rather than cutting too much off and ruining your beautiful false eyelash.

Step 2 – Cutting Your Falsies.

The inner corner of your false eyelashes should NOT be trimmed, this is because the hairs at the inner edge of the strip blend in with your natural lashes. Ensure beforehand you have the right lash for the right eye in some cases both lashes look so similar and it can be really easy to mix them up.

Time to use your tweezers! Using your tweezers pinch the outer side of the strip at the place you will be trimming it from. We highly recommend doing this with both strips because in some cases one eye can be slightly longer than the other. To get the best results, do this once and with each strip. Practice makes perfect – this saying applies here too, the more you measure and trim your lashes the easier it will become.

You’ve pinched your lashes using your tweezers and made a marker. Using a small sharp pair of scissors cut your falsies to size. Remember, your falsies may be 2 different sizes after the cut which is natural and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

That’s all, from this you have learned how to cut your FleekLashes to size! Now to apply them.

Tips And Important Things To Remember:

  • Always cut from the outer edge
  • Cut little by little off, in some cases, it’s better to do this as you keep cutting until the desired length is achieved rather than starting big and cutting off too much. Adding length back to a strip is very difficult! Save yourself the time and effort and start small.
  • Test your fit! After you’ve completed the process test the fit of your newly trimmed falsies on your upper lash line. In some cases, you may need to remove a couple of hairs ultimately making them more comfortable.
  • Use extra sharp small scissors – by using sharper and smaller scissors you’re eliminating the possibility of any snagging that will degrade the quality and give a very unnatural look.

We hope by following this simple 2 step guide you will soon master how to trim your falsies to size and get those on fleek lashes!

Any questions? Drop us an email.