FleekLashes Lash Points and Rewards

The Lash Scheme

To all the lash lovers out there – we know just how much a quality pair of lashes means to you. We have introduced a scheme where you can earn points – also known as lash points to use at fleeklashes.com.

Every £1 you spend you’ll receive 5 lash points. These lash points can then be used on future orders to get discounts; who doesn’t love a little discount?

You can get a little headstart and create an account and earn 10 points, each product review you do will also earn you a lovely 10 points. Verified owners only will be granted the points.

You can view your Lash balance in the My Account area.

How do Lash Points work?

Every £1 you spend earns you 5 lash points, these points can be used to gain a discount on your next order. Please ensure you have created an account at fleeklashes.com to ensure you earn your lash points.

When creating an account you’ll automatically receive 10 lash points, and after using our products be sure to review them, that’ll earn you an additional 10 lash points.

Lash Point redemption:

  • 500 Lash Points gets you £5 off your order.
  • 1000 Lash Points gets you £10 off your order.
  • 2000 Lash Points gets you £20 off your order.
  • 3500 Lash Points gets you £35 off your order.

What if I have 420 Lash Points? No problem – your Lash Points can be partially redeemed. The figures above are just there for reference.

When purchasing and then using your Lash Points to get money off please ensure you’re logged into your account.

A little more info:

Lash Points are effective on all purchases made on and after 11th June 2019. Any purchase made before this date will not earn you and Lash Points.

Orders placed using a guest account will not earn you any points. Ensure you have an account and are signed in to it to both earn and use your Lash Points.

Your Lash Points will never expire, that means you can use them next month, next year, even in 5 years time.