Each and every one of us is unique, we are all different – unless you have an identical twin of course, just kidding!

When it comes to eyes, they come in all types of different shapes and sizes, a common question is: “What lashes for hooded eyes?” if this applies to you then continue reading and you shall soon find the perfect lashes for your hooded eyes.

So what exactly are hooded eyes? This is when there is a little too much skin under the brow bone, it creates a hooded look hence where the term hooded eyes comes from. You can’t usually see much of the eyelid due to it, here’s what hooded eyes look like:

FleekLashes hooded eyes what lashes are best

Some tips for you beauties with hooded eyes


Eyeshadow is fairly tough to apply to hooded eyes, reasons being you’re limited with space. For you that have little experience, it takes a while but you’ll get there!

When applying eyeshadow to hooded eyes you’re working on the outer areas as the eyelids aren’t to be accessed – it’s not fair but eh beggars can’t be choosers.

The main focus is on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. To achieve a flattering look, darker on the outer corner of your eyelid and the lighter color on the inner corner of your eyelid. Then blend it in the middle – there you have it, you just applied eyeshadow to your hooded eyes! Don’t focus too much on the blending, when your eyes are open, the “hood” will cover some of the middle part.


Now to the difficult part – we’ll help you get through it!

If you’re a user of liquid liner then you are well aware of how it smears when not dry. This is where practice makes perfect, honestly I didn’t get it the first time and I don’t expect you to, just hang in there and keep trying – you’ll be pro before you know it. It is essential to let it dry 100% before doing anything else, this is to avoid any smears.

A quick tip: You may find it helpful to tilt your head back whilst in the drying process to avoid any smears and to avoid it transferring to your brow & use a waterproof liner, always!

We’ve all seen these tutorials on Instagram where they make drawing a wing look extremely easy, believe me, it’s not that easy! Something to keep in mind is when your eye is relaxed, your eyelid is folded so it won’t look the same. Additionally, take your time – draw the line slowly and be sure to look forward when doing so. Once you’ve drawn the outline, let it dry and then fill it in – at this point it isn’t necessary to look forward anymore.

The reasons why you should look forward when drawing the wings is to get a little look at what it will look like when your eye is relaxed & where your eyelid naturally folds. If you were to draw it at an angle the skin would hide the fold, which is not what we’re after. Applying eyeliner varies from person to person and can take a while to perfect, just keep practicing and we promise you’ll be a pro at drawing wings.

The Brows

Your eyebrows tend to sit a little lower with hooded eyes. The arch isn’t as natural and that’s why many women and men try to tweeze and wax their brows. Before applying a pencil to the brow, you may find that removing hair on the outer side of the eyebrow will give much more control as to how you wish for the angle of the arch to be.

Never remove hair from the inner side of your brow. You can’t change this, where it starts is where it starts. 

Last But Not Least… Your Falsies!

Finding the right kind of lashes for your hooded eyes isn’t an easy task, however, we’ll give you some tips on what to look out for. If you have hooded eyes then you’d know that very long and full lashes virtually impossible.

  • Long lashes will curl up and almost meet your brow, this doesn’t look very natural & actually looks a little off.
  • Full lashes will block your efforts of applying the eyeshadow, yes! – all that hard work has gone to waste, it will also give a look which almost looks as if your eyelid is nonexistent.

If you’re are not a fan of false eyelashes, then these 5 false eyelash facts may just change that.

Just Mess Around With It

Although we have covered a few topics for people with hooded eyes, it varies from person to person. The best thing you can do is to keep trying new things, just have a little play around until you find what is best for you and most importantly what you like!

By doing this you will perfect your own techniques and become a pro in no time. We do advise that it doesn’t come overnight, it will take time but the effort is totally worth it! Those tutorials on Instagram may work for you but don’t copy if it doesn’t, do your own thing girl. We didn’t include products in this post as we were generally touching the topic however, the guys over at Good House Keeping have done.