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FleekLashes ‘Jasmine’ is the perfect lash that brings much volume and plenty of definition to the table. This particular style is dark from the root to the tip with a slightly tapered finish towards the inner and outer corners of the eye. These chic falsies don’t get much better, let them be the only drama in your life.
  • Easy to apply lashes
  • Lightweight
  • Adds plenty of volume and definition

Shipped out with 1 unit of FleekLashes Jasmine style. Lash adhesive is not included in the package, however, is sold separately and you can find it here.

Having trouble applying your falsies? The FleekLashes Applicator is the perfect tool to help apply without problems.

Available on backorder

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All you need in life is Jasmine lashes!
Our Jasmine lash is perfect for everyone. All eye shapes and all occasions. Criss-crossed V-shaped synthetic hairs to create drama and believable root volume.
Lash glue sold separately – Up to 20 wears depending on care
If you have trouble applying lashes, try our lash applicator. You will never have troubles applying your falsies!


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