To all fellow lash lovers out there,

If you’re like me when applying false eyelashes the words glamorous, flawless, beautiful often arise and I connect with them on a personal level every single time. A study shows that no matter how bad your day is, a good pair of lashes is more than enough to put you in a good mood – good lashes. good mood. good day.

Okay, so that study isn’t official but it most definitely applies to me, that being said; do you know what your favorite pair of false beauties are made of? Faux mink, silk, and real fur lashes are amongst the most popular false eyelashes in the industry. 3 main differences that set them all apart are:

  • The weight
  • Texture
  • Overall appearance (whether it be natural or fake looking).

Although it’s not essential for you to know what your lashes are made of, it will definitely help. It will enable you to buy lashes based on the look you’re hoping to achieve. It will also help you become an informed consumer.

  1. Synthetic Lashes (Faux Mink, Faux Silk)

Synthetic eyelashes are 100% man-made. These lashes are made from plastic fibers called Polybutylene Terephthalate, quite hard to pronounce right? This particular fiber is heated then molded using a machine into the desired shape and then set to cool. Synthetic lashes aren’t intended for many wears, quite often 1-5 wears. Synthetic lashes are thicker than human hair lashes. The ends of synthetic lashes are stubby. The contrast between your natural eyelashes and your synthetic falsies is fairly noticeable. They are heavier than any other style of lashes because the band is thicker to accommodate for the thicker fibers.

jasmine lashes human and synthetic

FleekLashes in style Jasmine from the Human & Synthetic Collection

  1. Human Hair Lashes

The main comparison between synthetic and human hair lashes is they are silky-soft, lightweight and much more delicate. Human hair lashes are preferred for their realistic look, compared to synthetic lashes. These lashes are thicker than mink lashes and maintain the same thickness throughout the strip because the hair is cut in a specific way for assembly. Human hair lashes are a popular choice as they’re accessible and are a cheaper alternative to mink lashes.

  1. Silk Lashes

Silk lashes are known for their silky-soft and feathery texture, silk lashes provide ultimate comfort all day long. Before mink lashes were introduced these were the go-to lashes and extremely popular among celebrities.  With a jet black and satin finish making them look slightly more appealing than the real human hair lashes. Silk falsies have finer, softer and more flexible fibers in comparison to synthetic lashes, they also retain their curl much better too. The end look achieved is a much more natural looking set of falsies that will provide all-day comfort. Could it get any better? Maybe…

  1. Mink Lashes

Mink eyelashes are amongst the most popular type of lash reasons being they’re incomparable. You’ll know why now! They’re made from natural fibers obtained from a minks tail. Mink fur lashes are handcrafted with natural numerous different variances that simply can’t be achieved with synthetic lashes. Our natural eyelashes have tapered tips, as do mink eyelashes enabling your mink falsies to perfectly mimic your natural ones. The final look achieved is a fluttery, natural, and volumized look.

From the above its easy to see mink lashes have endless benefits. They’re very soft, extremely lightweight, ultra-fine and premium quality. Mink lashes provide an unleveled amount of comfort for all day use. Mink falsies are far better at retaining their shape than synthetic lashes. They can be worn multiple times. Additionally, they have a rich feel, natural look and are far easier to remove and apply.

FleekLashes style Mariah wink mink

FleekLashes in style Mariah from the Wink-Mink Collection (Cruelty-Free).

Still, need a little assistance on what lashes are suitable for you?